5 New Girl Conspiracy Theories to Go With the “Big Nick-Jess Development” Jake Johnson Just Spilled About

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Well, this is unexpected: in the cozy confines of an EW podcast, Jake Johnsonjust hinted that things are about to heat up between his New Girl alter ego Nick and Jess.

Though I figured the tension between the two roommates (which often manifests itself in toddler-esque spats) would be drawn out until we were all old and gray, Jake says we’re gonna see developments “sooner rather than later.” He added that in the ep they just wrapped, something “big” happens between them.


So: assuming the New Girl world will look roughly as it does when this all goes down, let’s assess what could bring this deep-seated love into play.


1) Jess tells off Angie. Sure, she just pushed Nick to “go get her.” But speaking as someone who’s hung out with many a guyfriend’s new girlfriend over the years, I can say with confidence that the type of gal who curtsies after just falling out of the sleigh where she was seducing a guy could get old fast. If Jess gets sick of having her around, an ensuing battle could give away her Nick-crush.


2) The drunken man’s jokes are the sober man’s truths. Or, what’s the phrase? You know what I’m talking about. Just sayin’: Nick likes his booze. So the forecast just may call for accidental, well-lubricated confessions.


3) About those toddler-esque spats. They’ve already come this close to ending in a bodice-ripping situation, haven’t they? Those two are cruisin’ for an emotional bruisin’ if you ask me.


4) Nick confesses to Winston. Winston tells Jess. I just feel Winston is a true romantic deep down–and, if burdened by the knowledge of Nick’s feelings, he might make an executive decision to “help.”


5) Cece gets knocked up and bold truth-telling ensues. Perhaps a reach, here: but if I know TV, it’d be all too fun to have Cece get unexpectedly pregnant after just telling us she’ll have trouble doing just that. And I’m sure there’d be nothing like one of the inner circle growing new life inside of them to kickstart everyone else’s quarterlife crisis.

I think Schmidt would vote for number 5. What do you think is going to happen between these two?

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