Gorgeous Holiday-Worthy Hair Ideas You Can Pull Off in Six Minutes or Less

Yeah, yeah, the stockings are hung and all that, but is your hair ready for all the holidayfestivities? If not, I’ve got a few easy ways to fancy-up your locks in just six minutes! Yup, if you’ve got just a tiny bit of time, you can make sure you’re a gorgeous fox in all your holiday pictures with one of these easy hairstyles. Pretty nice time-to-pay-off ratio, no?

Here’s what I think you should consider:

Simply twist two pieces back into a princess style:



If you’re on the edgy side, you can just twist some pieces back into cornrows like this:


You can twist a long ponytail to give it a little extra oomph like Jessica Biel:


You can add a couple of thin braids before pulling it back in your regular ol’ bun or ponytail:


You can stick a couple of bobby pins in on the side (works for any hair length!):


Or you can always tuck in a headband and call it a day like Lea Michele on the Glee set:


Bet at least one of these beauties has caught your attention. Come on, you can admit it.

How are you going to wear your hair tonight (or tomorrow, depending on when you’re planning on dressing up)?

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