It’s a Wonderful Life GIFs for Every Awkward Holiday Situation. Merry GIFmas!

My whole family adores It’s a Wonderful Life. We watch it every winter and quote it all year round. And while its ultimate lesson–true wealth is measured in friends, not dollars–is of course the most important takeaway, it’s not the only thing from the movie you can holiday-relate to.

When you get your Amex bill after shopping for everyone.



When someone cues up the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s super-urgent take on “Ring Jazzy Bells” for the fortieth time.



When you run into your ex in the grocery store, and you just happen to be dressed better than everyone else, because you were aware there was a 1 percent chance this could happen, and it’s all totally worth it when he says you look good in your outfit.



When your uncle’s like: I was wrong, we’re actually NOT out of eggnog!



When your friend from home calls to say that–minor miscommunication–that cool party she heard about is actually just an unconfirmed gathering of people four high school classes behind you at Applebees. And that she’ll pick you up in five minutes.



When your aunt says to sit down, because she’s gonna tell you all about how 50 Shades of Gray changed her life.


What flicks do you watch every holiday season? (Also, if you’re in more of a wanting-new-movies mood, checkout Caitlin’s handy roundup of what’s out now.)

Photo: Tumblr, YouTube, IMDB

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