You May Be Dreaming of a White Christmas, but I’ve Got Erin Fetherston 2013 Pre-Fall on My Mind

I’ll be honest: I’ve never been one to dream of a white Christmas. I much prefer one that is around 45 to 50 degrees and has no form of precipitation. So while you guys are wishing for snow, I’ll just gaze at Erin Fetherston 2013 pre-fall and imagine the various pieces I’ll be taking on my warm-weather trips next year. Want to see what I’ve chosen so far?




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Inspired by a trip she recently took to Venezuela, Fetherston’s crafted black and white ikat pattern separates along with bold and bright dresses that I think will fit in on any summer trip you take. Which is your favorite look? Discuss!

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Home for the Holidays? How Do Your Parents Really Feel About You Bringing Your Guy Along?

‘Tis the season. Fa la la. You know: all that merry good stuff. In all honesty, the holidays are serious business. Between the shopping and cooking and picking out the perfect gift, who has time to worry about family drama? Hopefully you’re one of the lucky gals who does nothave to worry about what her family will say about bringing home a significant other for the holidays…


OK, before I go any further, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’re all at home with your loved ones enjoying the time together with some rad new gifts (and insanely good food). Maybe your guy has joined you in the festivities this year. If so, tell me the truth: how do your parents really feel about it?

J and I have been splitting the holidays between Long Island and New Jersey for the past few years now so it’s nothing new for us or our families, but it definitely took a little getting used to back in the early days. J’s parents were always pretty fine about having J and me stay over for Christmas; they had been dealing with the split-holidays thing for nearly a decade with J’s older brother and his wife. They totally understood that I was an important part of J’s life and that we wanted to spend the holidays together, just as much as we wanted to spend ‘em with our families.

My parents, on the other hand, took a little more time to get used to the fact that I wouldn’t be there on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and some of the days following. I am the oldest child of two, after all. J and I alternate which family gets us the 24th and which family gets us the 25th to be fair, and my parents and sister are learning to appreciate the time they do have with us. But J and I are lucky—both of our families were always great about welcoming us BOTH. We never felt uncomfortable or like we were unwanted; that’s why J’s family feels like my family and my family feels like his.

But I know of a girl who said her parents would KILL her if she brought her BF home for the holidays. Her family does live a few hours away from where she (and her BF) lives, so since they don’t see her all the time they want that time JUST with her. No ifs, ands, or butts about it: she doesn’t think twice about not inviting him home for the holidays because it would just create too much friction. Plus, she really wants that one-on-one time with her parents, too.

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How is it with your family? Do they welcome your partner? Did it take some time for them to warm up? And what’s the point you bring your guy home no matter what they think and they just have to deal with it? Does it have to be super-serious with him? Happy Holidays again, you guys! xo

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It’s a Wonderful Life GIFs for Every Awkward Holiday Situation. Merry GIFmas!

My whole family adores It’s a Wonderful Life. We watch it every winter and quote it all year round. And while its ultimate lesson–true wealth is measured in friends, not dollars–is of course the most important takeaway, it’s not the only thing from the movie you can holiday-relate to.

When you get your Amex bill after shopping for everyone.



When someone cues up the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s super-urgent take on “Ring Jazzy Bells” for the fortieth time.



When you run into your ex in the grocery store, and you just happen to be dressed better than everyone else, because you were aware there was a 1 percent chance this could happen, and it’s all totally worth it when he says you look good in your outfit.



When your uncle’s like: I was wrong, we’re actually NOT out of eggnog!



When your friend from home calls to say that–minor miscommunication–that cool party she heard about is actually just an unconfirmed gathering of people four high school classes behind you at Applebees. And that she’ll pick you up in five minutes.



When your aunt says to sit down, because she’s gonna tell you all about how 50 Shades of Gray changed her life.


What flicks do you watch every holiday season? (Also, if you’re in more of a wanting-new-movies mood, checkout Caitlin’s handy roundup of what’s out now.)

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6 Nontraditional Engagement Rings—ALL Less Than $2,700! (3 Are Less Than $1,000!) Which Would You Like to Find Under the Christmas Tree?

If a traditional diamond engagement ring isn’t your thing, would you consider one of these less-traditional sparklers? (The first four are from Brides round up of SIXTY-FOUR (!!) engagement rings that cost less than $5,000—the last two are blingy little somethings I found!)
Engagement Ring 1


Tsavorite and Diamond Ring from Adel Chefridi, $2,640.
Engagement Ring 2


5-Stone Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring from Aroc Urtu, $1,830.

Engagement Ring 3


Gold Aquamarine Grace Ring from KiraKira, $348.
Engagement Ring 4


Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring from Stuller, $1,329.
Engagement Ring 5


Rose Gold Princess Cut Morganite Halo Diamond Engagement Ring from Etsy seller samnsue, $925.
Engagement Ring 6


Vintage Morganite and Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile, $750.
Click here to see all 64 Engagement Rings Under $5,000!
Which of these nontraditional engagement rings is your favorite?

I love, love, love 3 and 6!

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Gin Wigmore Isn’t Afraid to Majorly Bash Her Ex In Song, And We Kinda Love That

New Zealand pop rocker, Gin Wigmore, is hard to forget — between her bleached blonde hair, tattoos and totally unafraid lyrics, we’re falling for her. Plus, she had a cameo on Revenge, which, hello, is a huge deal. Check out her poppy video for “Man Like That,” where she completely tears down her ex, in the most fun way possible.

Glamour: What’s the story behind “Man Like That”?

Gin Wigmore: It’s a song written about an ex lover of mine warning any future girls that may think he would be a treat to date, that he really isn’t. The song goes on to explain all the tricks he pulls that you may initially think are wonderful, but really are over-rated, cliche and lame as time rolls on.

Glamour: Who are your musical influences?

Gin Wigmore: Everyone from Irmas Thomas to Joe Walsh, Pat Benatar, Mahalia Jackson. And this awesome band I love called Shovels & Rope.

Glamour: We saw you in those Revenge promos… what’s that all about?

Gin Wigmore: Yip, that was fun. It felt very glitzy Hollywood being in that. To be honest, I didn’t know about the show prior to being asked to play in it, and believe it or not, still haven’t even had the time to really sit down and watch a few episodes. But I really like the idea of a chick getting revenge, so I think it would become a firm favorite for me when I get a few hours to have a series marathon of it.

Glamour: How many tattoos do you have, anyway?

Gin Wigmore: I think I have about 12 or so now. There are pistols, lyrics, a bear, skulls, flowers, crosses… basically everything but the kitchen sink! I got my first one at age 14. My mum and dad just about lost their minds when they saw it. Although after they settled down about the whole ordeal, they have come to love my skin pictures.

Glamour: What were you like as a child growing up in New Zealand?

Gin Wigmore: Pretty free and easy. We lived on the side of Mt Victoria in the North Shore, so I would stroll around the mountain to primary school, after I had made my own lunch consisting of a badly spread marmite sandwich, mallow puff and red capsicum (yes, a healthy child). I would slide down the hill on cardboard after school, scare myself with friends in the cemetery a couple houses down, jump off the drawbridge for the ferries at the wharf to swim and basically have a pretty wicked time.

Glamour: What do you do in your spare time?

Gin Wigmore: Pat my dog, brush my dog, feed my dog, play with my dog, stare at my dog in awe of his beauty.

So no doubt, Gin is pretty cool. Are you a new fan of hers? Be on the lookout for her upcoming Gravel & Wine album, out soon!



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Gorgeous Holiday-Worthy Hair Ideas You Can Pull Off in Six Minutes or Less

Yeah, yeah, the stockings are hung and all that, but is your hair ready for all the holidayfestivities? If not, I’ve got a few easy ways to fancy-up your locks in just six minutes! Yup, if you’ve got just a tiny bit of time, you can make sure you’re a gorgeous fox in all your holiday pictures with one of these easy hairstyles. Pretty nice time-to-pay-off ratio, no?

Here’s what I think you should consider:

Simply twist two pieces back into a princess style:



If you’re on the edgy side, you can just twist some pieces back into cornrows like this:


You can twist a long ponytail to give it a little extra oomph like Jessica Biel:


You can add a couple of thin braids before pulling it back in your regular ol’ bun or ponytail:


You can stick a couple of bobby pins in on the side (works for any hair length!):


Or you can always tuck in a headband and call it a day like Lea Michele on the Glee set:


Bet at least one of these beauties has caught your attention. Come on, you can admit it.

How are you going to wear your hair tonight (or tomorrow, depending on when you’re planning on dressing up)?

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So, Who Got ENGAGED for Christmas?!


Flora Single Shank Engagement Ring from Danhov, from $3,340 (setting only).
Did anyone find a teeny-tiny box under the Christmas tree this year?! I feel like Christmas is the No. 1 day for Save the Date readers to get engaged, so I can’t wait to hear if YOU did!

Don’t forget to send me a picture of your engagement ring! (No matter when you got engaged!)
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